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5 Smart Ways to Save and Shop for Hari Raya and Look Stylish


When you mention Hari Raya, the first thing comes mind is definitely new clothes, new shoes, new accessories. The question is, can you still look good on Raya morning without tearing a hole in your pocket? The answer is, DEFINITELY. We have here 5 ways you can spend smartly and stay stylish on 1 Syawal.

Shop at the wholesalers’ or clothing warehouse 

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We’re sure you’ve heard of wholesalers or clothing warehouses such as Jakel, Kenanga Wholesale CityKamdar, Muaz Textiles and much more. These popular places often have storewide promotions right before the festive season. Prior to Aidilfitri 2016, Jakel outlet in Shah Alam gave away 300 baju melayu for free to the early birds. That’s not all, they also offered discounts up to 80% for every purchase.

That’s not all! They come in good quality and attractive designs and patterns, at a much lower price, interesting, is not it? All you have to do is follow the store’s updates and announcements on social media or newsletters for the upcoming promotions. So keep a look out!

Window shop or price hunt at stores before you make a purchase

Window Shopping

Whether you choose to shop at bazaars or in boutiques, don’t just shop at one store. Do a bit of window shopping. Browse and compare prices of the items you want at several stores. Even with the same design and quality, you might get the same item at a cheaper price.

And, don’t be shy to bargain! You may even get a discount of over 50% (if you bargain well).

Shop last minute or shop early!

clearance sale

Want a baju Raya for as low as RM20? Visit the stores near you one to two days before Hari Raya. Most stores would want to have their stocks cleared in time to close for the holiday. You’ll be surprised at the prices offered, especially on the eve of Raya! If you want to avoid the shopping crowd, visit the stores first thing in the morning. Some stores might knock a few ringgit off the original price of an item for their first customer of the day!

Shop online

online shopping

If you don’t have the time to shop, fret not! With today’s digital technology, you can easily shop for almost anything in a few clicks right at your desk. Having said that, you should also avoid shopping at one online shop only. Visit a few shopping websites to compare prices. Lazada, Taobao and SallyFashion are among the many online shops that offer a variety of Raya clothing at an affordable price!

Despite the convenience, always be careful when buying things online. The shortfall of online shopping is you can’t physically try and feel the material of the item. Therefore, make it a habit to read comments and reviews from other customers. Before you order, make sure you know your clothes size and measurement. Lastly, double check your order before you make a purchase.

On top of that, check if the online shop have a mobile app, you might g an t additional discount for shopping via the mobile app instead of the website. For example, Zalora usually offer 10% off for android users and 5% for those who shop via their website.

Mix and Match your outfit!

mix n match

It’s great to get creative in fashion. You save more and have the ability to style yourself in more than one way. Imagine, an RM30 blouse paired with printed skirt that can also be paired with a pair of pants? Not only it is more economical, you can style and wear it for multiple occasions such as weddings party, on a casual day out or for a dinner date. Looking stylish in the morning Aidilfitri does not necessarily require spending a lot of money. You just have to be diligent and wise in selecting that piece of clothing. With that, have a fun-filled Hari Raya! 

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Have a personal tip to shop cheaply? Tell us in the comments below!

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