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Spend Quality Time with Your Family this Raya Without Overspending

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The days and weeks surrounding Hari Raya are some of the most exciting times of the year for those who are celebrating it. As it is one of those rare seasons where everyone takes a break from work and the whole family gathers in one place to spend time with one another. Since it’s pretty rare for the entire family to be able to gather together like this, it’s important to ensure that you get the most out of the time spent together!

This ultimately means that you should try and plan for some family activities. However, it’s always a good idea to come up with events that won’t burn a hole in your pocket as you would have spent a lot on other Raya expenditures already. Try some of these cost-effective activities with your family this Raya for a fun time together without the hefty price tags.

1. Go On Staycations

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Staycations are basically short 1-2 day vacations where you don’t have to spend nights away from home. To start, do an internet search for the attraction within your own town that you’ve never visited before, including museums, art galleries, theme parks and the like. If you‘ve visited them all, then you can plan to visit attractions about one or two hours away from home. If you live near the beach, this is a good time for a swim and picnic. Try not to go too far as you risk tiring yourself out even before getting there.

2. Organize a Movie Potluck

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Ever heard of movie potlucks? It’s when everyone brings their favourite movies to a single session and the whole family decides whether they like the movie within 15 minutes of watching it. If everyone likes the movie, the whole family continues the movie. Otherwise, they all move to the next one. You can bring along VCDs, downloaded versions, or even watch it from Iflix or Netflix. 

3. Explore the Outdoors Together

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Bring the family on a hiking trip at a nearby forest reserve, or plan a camping trip at a waterfall. That way, you won’t have to spend on lodgings or hotels. You can also plan simple activities like a football game with you family by dividing everyone into two teams. Alternatively, you can rent bicycles and go on a trip around your village or town. These ideas will ensure that you spend time with one another, as well as keeping everyone fit and healthy.

4. Try Some Exotic Food

Source: New Straits Times

Give yourself a one-time treat by bringing your family to a Halal restaurant that serves food you’ve never tried before. Whether it’s Mexican, Korean, Chinese or Arabic cuisine, trying something new will no doubt open your eyes and palates; and it will be an exciting experience for the kids too. Try and look out for foreign restaurants that offer Raya discounts and promotions for more savings.

Don’t let your finances dampen your Aidilfitri spirit. You can always depend on us to fulfill any of your financial needs this Syawal through our Koperasi loan – especially during emergencies. Hari Raya should be a time for everyone to mingle and bond with each other. So, make it a happy one for the family! 

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