Earn Side Income with ReferralPlus+

About Direct Lending ReferralPlus+ Programme

Direct Lending ReferralPlus+ programme is an ongoing programme that aims to help individuals earn extra income. As part of our DirectBantu+ initiative, we are increasing our referral reward to help Malaysians’ earn extra financial resources. 

This is an opportunity for everyone who wants to earn extra income without any start-up costs involved. All you need to do is refer eligible civil servant to apply personal loan through Direct Lending platform.

As of August 2021, we have introduced a new and BETTER way to earn rewards from this referral programme.

Now, you can earn twice as much as compared to our previous scheme.

Application Closed

We already have more than enough agent for this program, so we do not accept any more applications. Thank you for your interest!


Earn side income without any fees and safely.​


Get cash rewards up to RM6,000 by referring only 3 friends*









*Based on Referralplus+ reward scheme

Multiply your earned commission and reward just by referring your friends who will refer their own friends.

Let them do the work for you!

With each referral, not only do you earn RM200 instantly, but each time your friend makes a successful referral (A > B), you can also earn RM150.

Better yet – when your friend’s friend refers more people (B > C), you will earn RM150 each time.

The larger your circle of friends, the more rewards you will earn from your 3 level of friends.


How to join?

If you are new,

  1. Fill up the information as required in the form.
  2. You will be contacted via WhatsApp & receive a unique referral link.
  3. Share & refer friends to apply for loans through Direct Lending.
  4. Receive your referral commissions upon each successful referee.
  5. The more friends your referee refers, the more earnings you get!

If you are an existing agent,

  1. You have your own referral link provided by loan consultant or Direct Lending admin.
  2. You can start referring to your friends using your referral link. 
  3. For every successful loans that you refer, you will earn commissions.
  4. We will generate a unique referral link for your successful referee and you can forward it to them.
  5. The more friends your referee refers, the more earnings you get!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Open only for Malaysian citizens aged 21 years and above.
  2. All information received through Registration Form must be accurate and complete.
  3. The referrer will receive a referral link through WhatsApp.
  4. The referral is considered successful when the borrower is working in the government sector, and the bank / cooperative loan application has been approved and they have received the money in their bank account.
  5. Each referral can only be referred to by one Referrer (Customer A can only be referred to Referrer A once).
  6. Any falsification of the referral for ReferralPlus+, will result in immediate termination of the referrer.
  7. Any falsification of documents for a loan application by the referrer is strictly prohibited and Direct Lending or its financing partner is entitled to take legal action (i.e. reporting to the police) against the referrer and this will result in the termination of the referrer for ReferralPlus+.
  8. Once the referral is successful, the reward will be paid within 7 business days via online transaction to the referrer’s bank account. For verification purposes, we will request a copy of your IC & bank information. The referrer’s name must match the bank account holder.