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Direct Lending started in late 2016 as a digital lending marketplace platform, enabling borrowers to find, apply and receive financing from over 30 financing providers that best suits them in a safe and affordable manner. With the vision to provide a seamless financing experience for every hardworking adult, in March 2022, Direct Lending launched a Shariah compliant auto service financing which enables car owners to obtain financing at a workshop to pay for their essential car repairs instantly. In December 2022, Direct Lending further expand the business by offering financing to micro SME businesses

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Our Journey

  • October 2016

    Launched digital lending marketplace, enabling borrowers to find, apply and receive financing that best suits them in a safe and affordable manner

  • April 2017

    Welcoming our first team member

  • October 2017

    Graduated from Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre's 1st Global Accelerator Program

  • September 2019

    Received RM300,000 Grant from Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd., a government agency with a mandate to fund potential and high-calibre tech start-ups through its Cradle Investment Programme (CIP300).

  • November 2020

    Reached a total amount of RM100 million safe loan disbursed

  • June 2021

    Launch directbantu+ programe, an initiative to ease hardworking Malaysians’ financial burden with extra financial resources during this FMCO. Direct Lending collaborates with 7 organisations to offer income generation opportunities

  • August 2021

    Received moneylending license from KPKT

  • March 2022

    Launched Syariah compliant auto service financing, first of its kind financing

  • November 2022

    Reached a total amount of RM300 million safe loan disbursed.

  • December 2022

    Launched SME micro financing

  • January 2023

    Celebrated 100,000 loan eligibility checking

  • July 2023

    Receive Golden Bull Award

  • August 2023

    Collaboration with PETRONAS AutoExpert