Our Promises

Our Mission

To bridge the credit gap and foster financial inclusion through a sustainable and scalable digital financing.

Our Vision

To be the go-to platform addressing the financing needs of every hardworking adult, delivering a happy, seamless and personalised lending experience anytime, anywhere.

Our Promise

Applying for a loan can be stressful. We’re here to help.

You are Our Priority

We aim to deliver financing solution that best address your needs


Helping you from A-Z with our dedicated loan consultants.


Transparent rate with no hidden cost


Our services are 100% free. We don’t take any upfront fees from you at any time.

Our Values

Everything that we do at Direct Lending revolves around our core values. Rooted in the fundamentals, we ensure that our values follow us when we interact with our customers or even with each other.

Start With Why

Understanding the rationale behind any decision made help us make sound choices and this in turn help us effectively manage your needs better.

Direct Jer

We approach situations with openness, transparency and honesty to bridge trust.

I Second, Customer First

You are the superstar in our show. On a mission to deliver the WOW experience to you, we definitely aim to please.

Respect Others & Ourselves

We believe in fostering a culture of mutual respect at Direct Lending. Everyone is treated equally and has an equal chance to succeed.

E(yi) One for All, All for Ones

We want everyone to support and motivate each other. We are a team.


Be Curious Like a Child and Learn from our Mistakes. We encourage a growth mindset. We should constantly look for ways to improve from our mistakes and do better.

Tahan Lasak (grit)

While the notion of nothing is easy in life remains trues, we strive to challenge ourselves to come back stronger every time.