Koperasi KOBETA Personal Loan

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  • Does not take into account external commitments, CCRIS, LPPSA loans
  • Islamic financing
  • Rate as low as 5.99%, payout as high as 91.5%
  • For civil servants & statutory bodies
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Getting to know Koperasi KOBETA

This cooperative personal loan is offered by Koperasi Bersatu Tenaga Malaysia Berhad (KOBETA). KOBETA started credit activities with personal financing for government employees and statutory bodies in early 2004 after getting the ANGKASA Bureau Deduction code. KOBETA's vision is to become a leading and dominant credit cooperative, play an important role in the cooperative movement and provide relevant and innovative services to customers. KOBETA is registered under the Cooperative Act 1993.

Special Loan Features

  • Financing amount up to RM250,000
  • Financing period of 10 years only
  • 5.99% fixed profit rate,payout as high as 91.5%
  • Repayment through Biro Angkasa
  • No upfront payment.
  • No guarantor or collateral
  • Islamic financing
  • Financing covered by Takaful
  • Process 1-2 weeks

Applicant Requirements

  • Malaysian citizens aged between 21 and 58 years
  • Government employees, statutory bodies or selected GLCs (except Army)
  • The position is permanent and has served for a minimum of 6 months
  • Fixed monthly income of minimum RM1,500 including fixed allowance
  • High outside payslip commitment, CCRIS/CTOS, AKPK are also eligible to apply

Application rejected by the bank because of high external commitments?

The personal koperasi loan from Bersatu Tenaga Malaysia Berhad (KOBETA) can help. Get the koperasi loan you need quickly, cheaply and safely so you can achieve your dreams or deal with unexpected problems.

It can also help you clean up negative credit records by overlapping or settling outstanding loans. This KOBETA koperasi loan has a low rate and high payout.

Direct Lending is an online personal loan platform that offers fast, easy, safe and affordable cooperative personal loans. 100% free. Get your financial freedom today with us.

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Fitri Razali
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Maznee Alia
18 June 2024
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Firdaus Roslan
18 June 2024
Mudah dan senang berurusan
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Mohd Rizal Badri
18 June 2024
Sangat mudah dan cepat
18 June 2024
Real as it can be, the process is easy and very secure, the staff @Dee was a great help, Would really recommend it for those who in needs. Fast process, No Deposit / No Atm hold needed!
18 June 2024
Trusted. Staff yg sangat sporting, membantu mengurus loan dengan cekap. Terima kasih Direct Lending.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a KOBETA cooperative personal loan? Is this loan a Shariah concept?

Bersatu Tenaga Malaysia Berhad (KOBETA) cooperative personal loan is an unsecured personal loan. This means you do not need to provide collateral or guarantor to apply for this loan. The KOBETA cooperative personal loan is based on the Sharia concept.

You can apply for a KOBETA cooperative personal loan for any purpose, such as paying off expensive debt or clearing a negative credit record with overlapping loans. In addition, you can also use this loan to buy a vehicle, renovate a house, start or expand a business, pay medical bills and others.

Am I eligible to apply for a KOBETA cooperative personal loan?

You are eligible to borrow if you are a civil servant in Malaysia and:

  • A Malaysian citizen aged between 21 and 58 years
  • Hold a permanent position and serve for at least 6 months
  • Minimum gross income of RM1,500 including fixed allowance
  • Not declared bankrupt and able to repay the loan
I have a high off-payroll commitment. Can I apply for this loan?

KOBETA cooperative personal loans will not count against your external commitments. Examples are car loans, credit cards, home loans and others. So you can apply for a KOBETA loan even if there is a high commitment outside of the salary slip.

I have a CCRIS/CTOS problem. Can I apply for this loan?

For borrowers who have problems with CCRIS records, KOBETA cooperatives accept. For CTOS records, an amount less than RM20,000 is only eligible to apply for this loan. KOBETA cooperative personal loans also accept those who have a Special Attention Account (SAA - Special Attention Account) record.

I am under the AKPK Credit Management Program. Can I apply for this loan?

Yes, if you are listed under the AKPK program, you can try to apply for this loan. However, loan approval is subject to KOBETA.

How much loan amount and duration can I apply for?

The maximum loan amount that can be borrowed is RM250,000. The loan period is up to a maximum of 10 years.

How is this loan repayment process?

Your loan is repaid monthly through automatic salary deductions processed by Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad (ANGKASA).

My salary deduction is over 60%, can I apply for this loan?

For personal financing, one of the general eligibility conditions that have been set is a salary deduction not exceeding 60% unless the cooperative provides some flexibility. In fact, there are other factors that can affect whether your loan application is approved or not, such as your credit record and debt service ratio. For example, you can try to apply for a personal loan even if your salary deduction is more than 60% but your credit record and DSR are good.

What documents do I need to prepare to apply for a KOBETA cooperative loan?

The required documents are:

  • Copy of MyKad identification card (front and back)
  • 3 months latest salary slip statement (certified true by the employer)
  • Employment confirmation letter
  • A copy of the latest bank statement with your monthly salary credit
How long does it take before the loan is credited to my bank account?

The KOBETA cooperative personal loan application process is around 1 to 2 weeks. Please note that times shown are based on best efforts and are not guaranteed under any circumstances.

What is the personal loan profit rate of the KOBETA cooperative?

The fixed profit rate of the KOBETA cooperative personal loan is 5.99% per annum.

What are the charges for a KOBETA cooperative personal loan? This loan has member fees?

Member fees for KOBETA cooperative personal loans are as much as RM30 monthly for first-time borrowers. This fee will be deducted from the personal loan.

Are any down payment installments required?

For KOBETA cooperative personal loans, there are 3 months of monthly installment payments that will be deducted from the personal loan.

How much in hand will I receive with this loan? What amount of funding will I receive?

The total payout or financing amount you can receive is as high as 91.5%. The amount of financing you will receive will be determined by the KOBETA cooperative.

Does this loan have Takaful protection?

Pinjaman peribadi koperasi KOBETA mempunyai perlindungan Takaful.

I already have an active KOBETA cooperative personal loan, can I make an Overlapping Facility for this loan?

Yes, you can make an overlapping loan (overlap) for the personal loan of the KOBETA cooperative.

What will happen if I pay late?

If you are late paying your monthly payment, you will be charged a late payment fee every month on the unpaid amount as stated in your financing agreement with the KOBETA cooperative personal loan.

Can I make an advance payment for my personal financing?

Yes, you can make an initial explanation for the personal financing of the KOBETA cooperative.

How can I apply for a KOBETA cooperative personal loan?

Check your eligibility through the Direct Lending platform and we will help you choose the best personal loan that suits your needs. Our experienced loan consultants will contact you and help you with the loan application process from AZ.

Apply and check your eligibility 100% free. No hidden charges or processing fees. To apply, click HERE .

* Subject to the terms and conditions. The profit rate of KOBETA cooperative financing is 5.99%. The financing period is 10 years only. As an illustration, for a loan of RM10,000, with a term of 10 years at a profit rate of 5.99% pa, the repayment amount at the end of the term is RM15,990.