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KPKT license: WL5789/14/01-8/210822

  • Interest rate 1.5% per month
  • Approval within 24 hours
  • Available for whole Malaysia
  • Loan tenor 6 months


KPKT license: WL6540/10/01-4/151122

  • Interest rate 1.5% per month
  • Approval within 24 hours
  • For KL and Selangor only
  • Loan tenor until 2 years
  • Registered company: BB Capital Sdn Bhd

JCL Credit Leasing

KPKT license: WL3960/14/01-9/210920

  • Interest rate 1.5% per month
  • Approval within 3-5 workig days
  • For KL, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan,  Penang, Johor and Perak area
  • Loan tenor until 5 years


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Client Testimonial

Our customer review’s on our Google Business and Facebook page

FAQ Licensed Moneylender Personal Loan Malaysia

A licensed money lender is a lender that is licensed by Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) under the Moneylenders Act 1951. All licensed money lenders will receive a valid license detailing the company name, address, license number and the validity of the license. 

Under the Moneylenders Act 1951, the interest rate for unsecured loans is not more than 18% p.a. while secured loan is not more than 12% p.a.

The amount of financing that you are eligible to borrow would depend on a few factors such as your income, current debt commitment and credit history. Depending on the lenders, the maximum loan amount is up to RM20,000 with flexible loan tenors between 6 months and 3 years.

Planning to apply for a loan? Use this personal loan calculator to estimate your monthly instalment.

No, all the licensed money lenders on Direct Lending platform do not take your ATM card when you apply a personal loan through us.

  • Licensing: A licensed money lender is governed and regulated by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) whereby they have to comply with the Moneylenders Act 1951
    whereas an illegal lender (loan sharks) are not regulated or licensed by any party. Basically they set their own rules.
  • Interest rate: A licensed money lender can only charge maximum 12% p.a. for secured loans and 18% p.a. for unsecured loans according to the Moneylenders Act 1951. As for an illegal money lender, they usually charge 30% interest monthly. However, do bear in mind that illegal money lenders do not follow any law so they can charge as they like.
  • Loan amount & tenure: The loan amount a licensed money lender could offer is from as low as RM1,000 to maximum RM20,000 between 6 months to 5 years depending on the lenders itself. Some licensed money lenders could offer a higher amount with collateral. On the other hand, an illegal lender sets their own rules so the loan amount and tenure is set as according to their convenience. For example, it could be a very huge loan amount but the loan tenure is set to be very short.
  • Credit criteria: Some licensed money lender do accept borrowers with negative CTOS record, high outside commitment, listed under ‘Special Attention Account’ (SAA) in CCRIS or registered under AKPK. As for unlicensed money lender, there is no credit criteria as it is not governed by any party. But do note that because of this, they might hold on to your personal belongings such as IC, passport, ATM card as a form of security deposit.
  • Other charges: When applying a personal loan with a licensed money, if your loan is approved there would be a loan agreement validated by a third party like a lawyer, legal officer or Commissioner for Oaths. That is why besides paying the monthly instalment, you will need to pay attestation and lawyer fees, credit check fees and stamp duty. As for illegal money lender, there is no loan agreement involved so there could be other hidden costs that they could charge you as they like.

You are eligible to borrow if you are currently a Malaysian citizen and:

  • Aged between 20 and 60 years old
  • Have a permanent job with at least 3 months of service (with payslips and salary is credited into bank account)
  • Minimum gross monthly income of RM1,000
  • Not in bankruptcy and can afford the loan repayment

Check your loan eligibility for free HERE.

The basic documents required are:

  • A copy of your NRIC
  • Latest 3 months payslip
  • Latest 3 months bank statement
  • A copy of utility bill (i.e. water, electricity, telephone)
  • A copy of your EPF contribution statement

A personal loan is a type of an unsecured loan. This means that you do not need to provide any collateral or have any guarantor in order to borrow money.

You could receive your loan from as fast as 1 to 3 working days.

Yes, you can make early repayment.

Direct Lending is an online personal lending platform to help borrowers to search, compare and apply financing that is most suitable to you. We only partner with licensed money lenders that is licensed under the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT).

Our service is 100% FREE and will not require any payment from our customers at any time. Direct Lending has over 1,000 reviews rated 5-stars by our customer in our Google Business Page and Facebook.

Applying a personal loan has never been this easy and convenient. Check your eligibility through our platform and we will select the best personal loan that best suit your financing needs. Our dedicated experienced consultant or the officer from the lender will then be in contact and assist you with your personal loan application from A-Z.

Apply and check your eligibility for 100% free. No hidden charges or processing fees. To apply for a personal loan, click HERE.

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* Terms & Conditions apply. The financing rates is 1.5% per month or 18% per annum. Tenor of the financing offered is between 6 months and 3 years. As a representative illustration, for a RM10,000 loan amount borrowed for 1 year at an annual interest rate of 18%, the total repayment amount at the end of the tenure is RM11,800.