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7 Ways You Can Save on Your Wedding Costs

Malay weddings can be a really costly affair, especially since there are several ceremonies involved. These ceremonies involve the engagement ceremony, the solemnization (Akad Nikah) and the sitting-in ceremony (Bersanding). 

Most couples host at least two wedding ceremonies complete with a large feast, one at the groom’s hometown and one at the bride’s place. This means that you’ll have to plan two events that involve a large group of people who will come for food, drinks and photos.

It helps if you’re able to cut costs from the beginning, so here are some ways you can save on your wedding costs:

1. Hold the event at home

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Having your wedding ceremony at home gives you plenty of benefits. Firstly, you can save on wedding venue rentals and secondly, you’ll be able to prepare much easier. Since it’s your own home, you won’t have to hire decorators and can decorate the place yourself.

Venues don’t come cheap and a grand ballroom in a hotel can cost up to RM10,000. A fancy banquet hall will be slightly more affordable at RM5,000 to RM8,000 while the local multipurpose neighborhood hall costs less than RM 1000 to rent, like the Dewan JKKK.  Imagine how much you can save by using your home which is absolutely free.

2. Use catering services

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Nowadays there are many catering services available and you can survey easily online and select catering services with the cost budget we can afford. This will save your time while enjoying the day of the event without you having to work to serve food and so on.

3. DIY your own door gifts

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Rather than ordering expensive gifts for your guests made of fancy ceramics or expensive materials, why not just make your own little boxes out of cardboard that only cost 30 cents a piece. In addition, you can buy from Lazada a small bags made of organza, plastic or paper cloth at RM 11- RM25 for 100 pieces. If you want to buy wedding items in bulk at reasonable price, you can just go to Nilai 3. 

Making several hundred door gifts may seem difficult to be completed by yourself but completely possible if you recruit your friends and family to help. Also, there’s no need to give large door gifts to everyone. Just a little pack of cookies, sweets or chocolates is more than enough.

4. Plan your guest list properly

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Simple mathematics will tell you that the more guests you have, the more you have to spend. Sit down with your future spouse and your parents to narrow the guest list down to a crowd that’s more manageable and corresponds with your budget.

5. Wedding outfits: Rent don’t buy

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Rather than making a new set of wedding outfits, try and rent a set as you’ll only be wearing it once. Alternatively, why not wear a simple wedding outfit just like Tunku Aminah of Johor who wore a minimalistic baju kurung in the traditional Johor style. 

6. Use social media to invite guests

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Save on needing to print wedding invitation cards by using Facebook to invite people instead. Almost everyone has a social media account nowadays, and creating an event on Facebook won’t cost you a single cent. FB events will also let you keep track of who is coming and who can’t make it via the feedback buttons so that you can have a rough estimate of guests way before the wedding.

7. Keep the ‘Hantaran’ simple

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The minimum number of ‘Hantaran’ trays is about 5 from the groom’s side and the bride will return 7 trays, which is 2 trays more than the guy’s side. Please keep your trays simple and practical. Choose a practical delivery item, which can be durable and can be used by couples in everyday life such as shoes, clothes, work bags and includes a copy of Al’Qur’an. There’s no need to go overboard and buy expensive or branded items as your spouse will appreciate it if you give them something they can use in their daily lives for a long time. It will also be more affordable to decorate the trays with paper or plastic flowers as fresh flowers tend to cost more.

Always remember that it’s not how grand or opulent your wedding ceremony is that counts. Even simple weddings can be the start of a long lasting marriage. Should you need some assistance to foot the bill at your upcoming wedding, we’re right on hand to help you celebrate this special life occasion and make it memorable for the rest of your life.

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