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6 Financial Apps You Can Use to Help You Plan Your Spending

Keeping track of your income and spending on a monthly basis is really crucial, as it affects how much savings you have at the end of the month. A recent report has stated that 29% of Malaysians do not even have RM500 to spare in an emergency.

Careful planning of your expenditures will also help you understand your own spending habits improve them so that you don’t overspend on unnecessary items. These mobile apps are some of the best ones to help you get financially organized.

1. Monefy- Money Manager (Android and iOS)

Image credit: Moneyfy-Money Manager

This app is a simple way to track your everyday expenses by adding them to the app’s interface. It’s simple, easy to use and you can see your spending patterns in a pie chart for a certain amount of time that you can specify.

2. Toshl Finance (Android dan iOS)

Image credit: Toshl Finance Budget & Expense

In addition to keeping track of your bills and spending, Toshl Finance is one app that’s ideal for those who travel often, either for leisure or for business. It offers an easy currency converter feature that allows you to keep track of your spending no matter what currency you spend in.

3. Goodbudget:Budget & Finance (Android dan iOS)

Image credit: Goodbudget & Finance

Goodbudget is an interactive app that actually speaks to you and gives you messages about the state of your finances from time to time. It’s programmed to send you encouraging messages if you reach your savings goal, but will warn you if you’re over your monthly budget.

4. Money Manager (Android dan iOS)

Image credit: Money Manager Expense & Budget

Money Manager allows you to group your income and expenses into categories. Users can create up to 12 expenses categories and 5 income categories, which is great for people who have more than one source of income, like those who run multiple businesses at once.

5. TouchStyle by Bank Rakyat ( Android dan iOS)

Image credit: TouchStyle by Bank Rakyat

One feature of TouchStyle is that it lets you keep track of your expenses on a daily basis. It also highlights the days when you went over your daily budget so that you know exactly what makes you overspend. This app is one way to build financial discipline by spelling out your daily spending habits.

6. My Tabung by Bank Negara Malaysia (Android dan iOS)

Image credit: My Tabung by Bank Negara Malaysia

My Tabung was an app launched by BNM to promote financial prudence among Malaysians. It’s pretty light and basic where users can track loans, debts, daily spending and others in a simple setting. My Tabung also offers financial tips and advice within the app itself.


Any of these apps would be a great way to help you keep track of your loans and debts by breaking things down to a more manageable level.

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