11 Ways To Get Emergency Cash Immediately Malaysia Edition
emergency cash immediately malaysia

11 Ways To Get Emergency Cash Immediately Malaysia Edition

What would happend if you are in a desperate need of emergency cash immediately? If you are lucky and financially aware, you might have a saving or an emergency fund. How about those who really is out of money? In this article we have compiled 11 ways to get emergency cash immediately Malaysia edition.

Due to that, most people choose licensed moneylender that is trsuted ans verified to apply for emergency cash loan. This has become the main option because the personal loan process for emergency loan is as fast as 24 hours approval and does not require guarantor or compensation. The emergency loan approval will be in an instant if you fit the approval criteria and complete documents.

However, what about the people who does not fit the approval criteria? What are the alternatives available for them to get a safe and secure personal loan? Thus, this article will share how to get a safe and secured emergency loan that best suit you and alternatives for people that does not fit the approval criteria for emergency loan

1. Emergency cash loan from bank 

You might think that getting a loan from bank will take a long time to process the loan. You can try getting a loan from local banks that offers instant cash loan as fast as 24 hours. Some banks even offer instant cash loan in 1 hour. However, the approval criteria for emergency loan via bank is more strict compared to other financial institution. Most of the banks will not accept does not accept applicant with bad CCRIS and CTOS, which fore surely make the approval rate smaller.

How to apply: Go to the local banks websites for various kind of financing that suits your need.

2. Emergency Cash Loan From Bank & Koperasi

As mentioned before, if you are applying for instant cash loan with banks, the approval rate is higher as it have a stricter criteria adn instant cash loan applicant with a bad credit score problem will be having a hard time getting the loan. Hence the alternative to apply for instant cash loan will be koperasi loan.

Koperasi loan is a popular option amongst public sector workers because of the leniency and flexibility in approaching the loan applied compared to commercial banks. This is because the repayment method scheme that is use by koperasi bank is throught salary deduction by ANGKASA (Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad). Koperasi bank’s personal loan also accept application from individual that have arrear and bad CCRIS or CTOS record or listed under Special Attention Account (SAA) as well as AKPK.

Like loan from commercial bank, koperasi loan offers big loan and fast approval loan. Loan plan from koperasi is secure like loan plan from commercial bank as it is registered with Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission (SKM), under the Koperasi Act 1993 (Act 502)

However, koperasi loan is only offered to public sector worker like civil servants, chosen company and statutory corporation. If you falls under any of these catergory you are eligibl eto apply. You can also apply online and get a fast approval result.

Eligibility Criteria For Koperasi Loan:

  • Malaysian Citizen aged from 20 – 59 years old
  • Public sector, statutory body and selected Government Linked company (GLC)
  • Permanent position and minimum of 3 months service
  • Fixed monthly salary minimum of RM1,500 including fixed elaun
  • High outside commitment, blacklisted or CCRIS/CTOS are eligible to apply (for chosen koperasi loan)
  • Tenure from 1 – 10 years

Basic Document Required:

  • Copy Of MyKad
  • Latest 3 Months Of Salary Statement
  • Job Comfirmation Letter
  • Copy Of Bank Statement
  • Copy Of Utility Bill

Reason For Applying For Loan

  • To settle old debt
  • To expend business
  • House renovation
  • Car or motorcycle purchase
  • Paying off education fee
  • Marriage
  • Travelling
  • Other emergency situation

How to apply for koperasi personal loan via online at Direct Lending:

  1. Eligibility check at personal loan bank and koperasi webpage
  2. Compare and select product that best suited you
  3. Send your document and our friendly Loan consultant will contact you for the loan process

3. Licensed Moneylending For Emergency 

How about those who need emergency cash immediately but is not from the public sector? Worry not, the third option option is applicable for anyone, does not matter whether you are a public sector worker or a private sector worker.

Other than bank loan and koperasi, credit community loan or more known as licensed moneylender is an alternative emergency cash  loan that is popular. This financing is usually used by those who have a hard time applying for bank loan and does not fit koperasi loan. The criteria to apply for personal loan is more lenient compared to applying to bank and koperasi. Most of the licensed money lenders accept individual with low credit score, bad CCRIS and following the Program Pengurusan Kredit(PPK) under AKPK.

However, loan from credit community has a few disadvatages like higher interest rate  compared to bank and koperasi. Emergency cash loan from credit community allows loan with smaller amount and shorter tenure period compared to bank or koperasi.

Eligibility Criteria For Licensed Moneylender’s Personal Loan

  • Malaysian citizen aged from 20 – 60 years old
  • Permanent job and minimum of 3 months of service
  • Fixed monthly salary (net salary and fixed elaun) minimum of RM1,500 for Peninsular Malaysia or RM1,200 for Sabah and Sarawak
  • Own a bank account
  • No credit history or low credit score are elligible
  • Not declared Bankcrupt

Traits of Licensed Moneylender:

  • 1.5% monthly interest rate or 18% annually
  • Loaned amount from RM1,000 to RM20,000
  • Flexible tenure from 1 year to 4 years
  • Does not take your ATM card, no upfront payment
  • Approval as fast as 1 working day

Basic Document Required:

  • MyKad
  • Latest payslip
  • EPF statement (if needed) or utility bill – electic, water or others

How to apply for loan with licensed moneylender via online at Direct Lending:

  1. Eligibility check at personal loan licensed moneylender webpage
  2. Compare and select product that best suited you
  3. Our friendly loan consultant or loan provider representative will contact you for the loan process

4. Apply home refinance for emergency cash

Ever heard of ‘making money through housing loan’? Thats right, you can make money with the house that you live in right now. Other than being your shelter, it also can be a source of money if you know the right way to house refinancing.

Refinancing is swapping  your present mortgage with a new loan under a different terms and conditions be it from the same bank or different. Many house owner take the alternative to earn some cash or to get a lower interest rate. However, this loan will take a longer approval period compared to others mentioned. This financing is suitable for those who needs a huge fund and be patient with the application process that is similar to the process of purchasing a house again.

5. Cash Advance (Upfront cash credit card)

Upfront cash credit card or better known as “Credit Card Cash Advance” is an instant cash loan service that is prepared by the bank. Cash advance allows the card holder to cash out money as fast as 24 hours from any ATM around the world, or over the counter of the respective bank according to the limit set.

It is suitable to be used of an reason for loan like emergency, purchase and more because of its easy and instant cash out. All you need is a credit card and PIN number and it does not require any document or compensation.

How to cash out emergency money with Cash Advance at ATM:

Step 1: Bring your credit card and go to any ATM

Step 2: Insert PIN number

Step 3: Select ‘cash advance’

Step 4: Insert cash amount

Step 5: Take the cash and receipt (if needed)

Cash advance usually does not include a large amount, it is one of the best option to overcome an individual financial need on short notice. However, there are some bad sided to Cash Advance:

Unreasonable Interest Rate

We are already aware that the interest rate for credit card is high but the interest rate of Cash Advance is higher!Most bank usually charge at least 18% of interest.

Daily Interest Rate

Compared to the interest rate of credit card user that is only charged once, the interest rate for Cash Advance are calculated daily. Hence it will leave a compounding effect which is the interest rate will be charged on the interst that have not been settled.

If you cash out RM1,000 using credit card, bank will charge 10% interest anually but counted daily (Daily interest rate 20%/365 = 0.054% per day). You might possibly think that the interest pay is RM200 but because it is counted daily, the actual amount that you have to pay is RM221.34 after a year because of the compounding effect.


Every cash out transaction at the ATM will be charged fee of 5% from the amount or minimum of RM 15-25 depending on the bank. This mean that, if you cash out RM1,000 through Cash Advance, you will be charged RM 50 right at the moment. This does not yet include with the daily interest rate that will be charged later on.

Henceforth, use Cash Advance only if you are confident that you can payback the amount in a near future (a week or a month)

6. Cash Instalment Plan (Cash Insurance Plan)

Cash instalment is actually another alternative for credit card user that does not want to use Cash Advance. Cash Instalment Plan (CIP) allows you to make cash loan with credit card and the paybck will be in the form of  fixed monthly instalment. Cash Instalment Plan is more practical for credit card holder berbanding personal loan plan as most of the CIP plan does not have annual interest rate charge (0% interest) and no upfront handling fee.

Hence, this plan is suitable for those that need a huge amount of emergency cash.

How to apply for Cash Instalment Plan: Most bank do not charge 5% fee for cash personal loan compared to cash advance but you need to apply for CIP online or contact them vias phone call or e-mail and wait for your loan to be approved.

There are banks that accept application at their counter. After getting your financing approved, the fund will be transfered to your saving account or current account. Depending on the bank, it can be as fast as 24 hours to 2 weeks. Before applying, make sure that you know the interest rate that is charged to your credit card as each bank charge a different amount and interest rate.

7. Use “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment plan

Buy Now, Pay Later” plan is a type of short term payment that is gaining popularity in the online shopper community. BNPL offers instalment payment plan that is more flexible, normally 3 or 6 times payment. Compared to credit card, this payment plan is more favoured by the users because some company does not require credit card.

You can shop online and pay via instalment every month according to the schedules payment that is prepared and usually, there is no interest rate (0% interest) This method is suitable for those who need emergency funding for purchasing something but does not have credit card or is not eligible to apply for bank loan and koperasi. However, make sure that you can follow the repayment schedule and pay it on time as the lat repayment charge for BNPL is too high.

8.  Borrow emergency cash with your family or close friends

If all those 7 ways that we provided does not suit you, keep on reading the article as we have way that you can get emergency cash immediately Malaysia edition without needing documents or a strict eligibility criteria. If you have a friend or family member that is willing to loan you some cash and you are confident that you can pay them back, it is better that you borrow from them because getting emergency cash this way is more flexible and does not involve any agreement contract  with any financial institution.

Normally, borrowing from your family or friend does not involve a large amount of money compared to bank and koperasi loan. it might look simple and easy but loaning from your family and friend have its own risk.

Your relationship with your family or friends might be affected negatively if failed to payback the money that you borrowed  in the period that you have agreed on. This loan is completely different if you were to borrow from financial institution as the bank agency will only ask for payback in the agreed period as written and signed in loan agreement.

9. Pawn gold at Ar-Rahnu

Another alternative to get emergency cash immediately  is by pawning your gold acessories or gold bar. There is islamic pawn system that is Syariah compliance like Ar-Rahnu. This systme is introduced by Yayasan Pembangunan Islam Malaysia (YPEIM) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is different withthe conventional pawn system ‘as it offers loan without interest charge and only charge an affordable keeping charge.

10. Sell your unecessary items

When you are in desperate need of money that does not mean that you only have to apply for emergency loan. Some of the way that you can try is by selling valuable thing that you does not need anymore. We understand that it might be a bit hard for you to let go of your personal belonging but it is better for you  to sell some of the items when you are in short of money.

Desperate time calls for a desperate measure. Some examples of valuable items that you can sell are electronic gadget, smartphone, game controller, furniture, bag and branded acessories. You can sell these items to your family members or friends first. If you needed, you can advertise your product as well on social media and selling apps and website like Carousell and Mudah to get interesting and worthy price for your product.

11.  Take out money from 2 EPF account

The last way that youcan try when you are in need of emergency cash immediately for emergency situations like paying off medical cost and treatment. Other than that, EPF 2 account saving can be withdrawl on based on:
  • Education
  • House purchase
  • House renovation
  • Reduce/settle mortgage loan balance
  • Monthly house loan instalment
  • Hajj
  • PR1MA housing
  • Flexible housing
  • savings exceeded 1 million

Application can be make at the EPF counter or via online. Go to https://www.kwsp.gov.my/ms/member/withdrawals for more details.

Never make a loan with Ah Long

instant cash loan

No matter how desperate you are, never ever take a loan with Ah Long. There are a lot of bad experiences and memories shared on social media by victims of Ah Long. Many has fall victim to the sweet and unresistable ‘too good to be true’ offer that is made by Ah Long only to be paying back ridiculous amount every month.

Hence why, do not be too fast on your feet when making decision without thinking of the long term effect that it will bring to your life. Even though the loan process is fast and easy, but the road of escaping it is a long and a rough one. Some of the negative occurrence from borrowing  for instant cash loan with Ah Long are:

  • Neverending interest rate
  • Hidden cost and terms
  • Important personal documents (for example; ATM card) taken away as a ‘security deposit’
  • No option for full settlement
  • Presuure to take up loan from other Ah Long
  • Mental and physical harassment

Infographic: Difference of Ah Long VS Licensed Moneylenders

emergency cash immediately malaysia

Other than paying extra attention to not get involved with Ah Long, you should also watch out for personal loan syndicate. Personal loan scammer is a bit different from Ah Long as you will not even receive a single cent from them but you will also lose money because they will ask you to make an upfront payment that does not even exist.

Many personal loan scammer claim that they are a licensed moneylender registered under KPKT and many has fallen victim to this lie. You need to ba cautious and avoid from making this kind of loan. Licensed credit community loan and bank and koperasi loan will never ask for upfront payment and hold on to your ATM card.

Video:5 Quick Way To Get Fast Approval Loan

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