Tri-partnership To Offer Education Financing to Malaysian Students Obtain Higher Education in Singapore - Direct Lending Malaysia

Tri-partnership To Offer Education Financing to Malaysian Students Obtain Higher Education in Singapore


From left: Hui Yik Seong, founder of Direct Lending; Vincent Peh, Assistant Vice President of PSB Academy; Rickson Khaw, CEO of Uni Enrol

PSB Academy, Direct Lending, and Uni Enrol have partnered up to offer financial assistance to help Malaysian students to obtain higher education in Singapore under the Scholar Search PSB programme.

Under this partnership, Direct Lending has agreed to be the official education financing partner of Uni Enrol to launch a special education financing worth RM1,000,000, and PSB Academy has agreed to set up a special sponsorship fund to subsidise and co-sponsor the financing cost payable by students

in the event that they are in need of education financing to bridge any shortfall in tuition fees payable for PSB Academy’s programmes.

This education financing is made available to students nationwide on top of the scholarship that students are qualified to apply based on their results. Students will be using their trial exam/forecast or actual results to get matched to the scholarships, receive advice on suitable courses and apply to the subsidised education financing. No collateral is required for this education financing.

“The offering from Direct Lending as the main education financing partner of Uni Enrol in launching a special education financing will be made available to Malaysian students. This is on top of PSB Academy’s offering of subsidising part of the financing cost payable by students. Both offerings are made available to Malaysian students, and is additional to existing student study grants which are currently available for Malaysian students. Students can use their trial/forecast or final exam results for entry assessment, get matched to suitable courses at PSB Academy, and subsidised support for education financing. Hopefully, this helps to realise the dreams of more students who aspire to study in Singapore” said Vincent Peh, Assistant Vice President of PSB Academy.

“In assisting thousands of students every year, we see first hand the funding gaps that exist especially for accessibility to higher education. A few thousand ringgit in financial assistance can mean the difference between going to one’s dream university or going for the lesser preferred choice. We are thankful for this tri-partnership between Direct Lending, PSB Academy, and Uni Enrol to open up more opportunities and options for students in 2022”, said Rickson Khaw, CEO of Uni Enrol.

“Direct Lending’s mission is to make financing accessible and affordable for every hardworking individual so that they can fulfill their dream. We believe in the importance of higher education and we are proud to be part of this initiative together with PSB Academy and Uni Enrol”, said Hui Yik Seong, founder of Direct Lending.

Direct Lending and Uni Enrol are both Malaysian startups and grant recipients from
Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle). This partnership brought together the value proposition of these two startups, creating a more complete solution for students seeking higher education that best suits them.

All UEC/SPM/STPM/Pre-U students and parents are welcome to join Scholar Search PSB programme. Sign-up now:

About PSB Academy

Once known as Singapore’s Productivity and Standards Board, PSB Academy is now one of the leading private education institutions in Singapore with an approach to education that focuses on what really matters: performance in the New Economy. In 2021, the Academy was conferred our third National Business Award in Education by Singapore Business Review and earned “Best Educational Institute – Singapore” by APAC Insider in 2019. Today, we host over 13,000 students from over 50 nationalities providing an array of courses in business, management, engineering, and sciences including biomedical, pharmaceutical, and molecular science as well as sports sciences.

About Direct Lending

Direct Lending, founded in 2016, is an online personal lending marketplace, enabling borrowers to find, apply and receive financing that best suits them. Our mission is to make simple, safe, and affordable financing accessible to every hardworking adult. Financing products on our platform are underwritten by reputable financial institutions, cooperatives and credit companies. In 2021, Direct Lending has been granted credit community (moneylending) license from Ministry of Housing and Local Government which gives the company more flexibility in providing financing solutions to our customers. In 2022, Direct Lending launched a Syariah compliant auto-service financing.

About Uni Enrol

Uni Enrol is the largest online scholarship and university course application platform in Malaysia with technological capabilities to instantly match students with the right courses based on actual academic qualifications, accurate net fees amount, actual scholarships secured and other opportunities students are eligible for. Since incorporation, thousands of students from over 300 towns nationwide have successfully enrolled in universities.

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