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5 Effective Ways You Can Cut Your Petrol Cost


We can all agree that the cost of living has increased significantly. One of our daily necessities that have been increasing is the cost of petrol. The fuel subsidy was removed in 2014, and now petrol prices are determined by a float system known as the Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM) that is being announced on a weekly basis.

Many of us Malaysians depend heavily on fuel to get around in our cars and motorcycles. Therefore, it is important to know some of the scientifically proven ways of saving petrol and thereby saving your monthly expenditures. Here are a few effective ways to cut your petrol cost!

Don’t Keep The Engine On While Waiting


If you have to stop for longer than 30 seconds for whatever reason, such as waiting to pick up your loved ones, or having to make a phone call, do try and turn the engine off. Keeping the engine idle for long consumes petrol that isn’t productive and doesn’t keep your vehicle in motion.

Clean Out Your Vehicle

car boot

Carrying extra weight will put a strain on the car and will cause the car to require more energy and fuel to keep it moving. Clean out the back seat and storage of your vehicle to ensure that it is as light as possible, as this will minimise the drag effect.

Try Avoiding Traffic Jams

traffic jam

This may sound impossible to do, especially in urban areas and in peak hours, but minimising time spent in traffic jams will go a long way in decreasing the amount of petrol consumed. This is due to the fact that constant stopping and acceleration burns up more oil than travelling in constant motion, preferably at a constant speed. 

Tip: Check Google Map or Waze before you begin your journey to find a faster route.

Don’t Drive Aggressively

drive safe

Practice safe driving and follow the law. Acts like swerving in and out of traffic, speeding and revving up at traffic lights will burn more petrol, but put you and other road users in danger. When you rev up your vehicle and speed, you’re pressing your accelerator all the way down, thereby burning more petrol than necessary for moving.

Carpool More

grab share

Although this step isn’t something you do directly to your vehicle, it does help as you’ll have to bring out your vehicle less often. Even if you ride a motorbike, you can take turns with a colleague or friend and only take your bike out on alternate working days. This strategy may cut your fuel bill by up to 50% on a weekly basis.

Tip: Try apps like Wunder Carpool or Grab Share for a cheaper fare and reducing carbon footprint too!

Cutting petrol costs will definitely help you increase your monthly savings. However, for times when you need that extra money for an emergency repair, you can always consider taking a small personal loan from us. Know another way to keep petrol consumption down? Share your personal tips and tricks in the comments section below.

Know another way to keep petrol consumption down? Share your personal tips and tricks in the comments section below!

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