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April 30, 2024

Top 4 Cheapest Car In Malaysia For Salary of RM2500

It is undeniable that car can be considered as a daily necessity for everyone no matter if they are still a bachelor or married with family in this era especially those people who are working in the city.
April 5, 2024

6 Car Loan Approval Criteria In Malaysia

The term ‘car loan’ is a term that is familiar to most of us and it is very commonly talked as car is a necessary asset to have now. It is the best not to only rely on the public transport for our daily commute.
March 22, 2024

6 Practical Ways To Earn Side Income In Malaysia: Online & Offline

Looking at today’s economic pattern, many people are voicing out their concern and disappointment regarding their economic health; be it being underpaid, high living cost, high monthly commitments which all have the same underlying message: Not Enough Money!
March 1, 2024

What is DSR? Loan Eligibility Calculation in Malaysia

Have you ever tried to apply for any loan like applying for personal loan, house loan or car loan through bank but your application was rejected due to your high Debt Service Ratio (DSR).
January 23, 2024

Fast Approval Personal Loan Within 24 Hours

What is Fast Approval Personal Loan? Personal loan has been the primary choice for financial funding especially when you are in need for emergency cash.
January 5, 2024

RM0!? 5 Secrets To Get Cheap Flight Ticket Malaysia Edition

Everyone would love travelling around the world, experiencing new journey, learning about new culture, window shopping and eating new foods that is bizzare to your tongue.
December 29, 2023

7 Signs Your Man Is Financially Stable!

Based on The Sun Daily, divorce cases in Malaysia has drastically increase over the last few years since the pendemic. A failed family planning is one of the major trigger for a fight to brake between spouses which leads to miscommunication.