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How to Earn Side Income While Having a Day Job

Digital technology has made it possible make extra money while having a full-time job. Here are some ways you can make extra money!

With the recent economy setback; from the introduction of the GST (Goods and Services Tax), recovering commodity prices, fuel prices and the depreciation of Ringgit Malaysia, it came as no surprise that Malaysians now face a higher cost of living. Travelling, studying abroad and buying imported goods has become more expensive.

Putting aside rental, utilities, groceries and entertainment expenses, having a side income is a way to help you save for the rainy days, big ticket purchase (house or car), retirement and even extra money in case you are looking at investing!

Here’s what you can do to as a side income job!

1. Become a Freelancer

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Online crowdsourcing portals like, Upwork, Freelancer, Servishero and Kaodim made it easy for you to promote your skills and services in the local or global marketplace.

A lot of the jobs advertised on these sites are the kind that can be done remotely. Popular job categories include article writing or translation, IT and software, design, media production and writing.

All you have to do is create a profile, fill in details of your skills or talent and start applying for jobs!

There are also specialised sites like myprivatetutor that allow you make a side income from your knowledge and skill by tutoring others

2. Be a Part-Time Driver

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Popular apps like Grab allow you to use capitalise on your own car to become an independent part-time driver at your leisure.

3. Develop a Side-Business

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With the increasing popularity of online shopping and widespread access to the internet, setting up a profitable online business is an option available to anyone with good internet access and some business savvy. The C2C (customer to customer) model means that anyone can be a seller.

You can easily participate in the burgeoning e-commerce opportunities offered by all the online marketplaces: Mudah, Lazada, Carousell, Shopee. You can sell second-hand products, products you created yourself, products you sourced and imported into the country (i.e. become a middleman), or even drop-ship, where you never actually handle the product yourself.

4. Make Creative Use of Your Assets

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Do you have a spare room in your house that you can rent? Monetize it with Airbnb!

Are there days when your car isn’t being used? Consider renting it out to friends to make additional income.

If you enjoy blogging, vlogging or engaging in social media? There are ways to keep doing what you love and monetize your online traffic and following by strategically partnering with sponsors and advertisers.

Working two shifts to see through each day can be very taxing over the long run, so it would be best to try and take on additional work that provides personal satisfaction and a different sense of fulfilment that your day job provides.

You may have chosen a white collar job instead of pursuing a career as an artist, but you can still fulfil your interest by designing T-shirts, posters or artwork on the side.

Fortune favours the bold, so don’t rule out a money-making possibility too quickly!

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