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Hari Raya

The 4 Items You’ll Spend The Most On This Hari Raya

Hari Raya

Hari Raya is coming soon!  But you don’t have to break the bank as you prepare for the festivities.

One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t overspend is to set a budget for each category of items you’ll need. Here’s a list of online budgeting softwares you can use to track your monthly expenses.

Once you’ve done that, let’s find out what the four biggest expenses are and how you can save as you spend on these essentials!


Baju Raya

There’s nothing like the feeling of putting on a fresh outfit on Raya morning! But unfortunately, the cost of buying festive attire is increasingly expensive. If you have to shop for an entire family, there’s a good chance you are spending more than you’d like.

One option to reduce costs for Raya apparel is to shop online. Sites like Poplook, Nile, Kamdar and Zolace have an extensive selection of clothing for various style tastes and price ranges. What you’ll need to do is take accurate measurements to ensure the right size as well as noting the return policies if you are unsatisfied with your buys.  

Alternatively, you can also go out and shop at bazaars and night markets (Kampung Baru market and Kota Damansara) to find quality festive clothing at reasonable prices. You might even be able to haggle for lower prices with some vendors! If you are buying clothing for the entire family, another option would be to visit wholesalers such as Kenanga Wholesale City mall.

‘Duit’ Raya

Duit Raya
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As a staple of the festivities, handing out little green packets with money is a meaningful and generous tradition. However, it can get costly if you have too many little visitors. What you can do is give the bare minimum of RM1; it is the thought that counts after all!

Alternatively, there are creative and inexpensive items you can give such as bookmarks and gift coupons you can replace with the usual ‘Duit Raya’. We also found a few funky and interesting things you can give out as Duit Raya that aren’t money.


Makanan Raya

What’s a Raya get-together without your favourite dishes? Rendang, ketupat and delectable traditional Malay desserts are a big part of the holiday experience!  To cut costs, consider co-hosting the celebrations with relatives and have an ‘Open House’ for Raya. Split the food bill among siblings or simply hold a potluck to save money and still enjoy good food together. In addition, be sure to choose simple and cost-friendly deserts to serve such as Kuih Semperit and Cornflakes Madu.

Household Touch-Ups

Raya Deco
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Whether or not you are receiving guests, half the festive fun is in prepping and decorating your home. The list of improvements includes (but is not limited to) new paint, fresh cushion covers, bed sheets and curtains.  Of course, these can cost a bundle. The best way to trim costs and still have your home looking good is to selectively buy just a few new items, reuse what’s still in good condition, rearrange furniture, repaint your coffee tables or cabinets and opt to DIY for the décor.  Here are some craft ideas to inspire your creative side!

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