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Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home This Hari Raya On a Budget

house deco

The home is a place you return to for rest and comfort, therefore it’s important to ensure that it reflects you and your tastes. When decorating your home, take this chance to really express yourself and turn it into a one of a kind area that specifically reflects you.

With the Hari Raya festivities just around the corner, you might be wondering how you can start decorating your home without needing to dig deep into your pockets. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Create Your Own Paintings

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Maya Road Design Team

Rather than buying pieces of art from galleries, frame up your handmade arts and craft! In fact, you can also hang up framed artwork by your children. Whether they’re just watercolour or paper origami, personal touches like this can really transform a space and give it more character. Turn Raya decorating sessions into family projects, and get crafting with your kids, and even your elders.

Visit the Dollar Store

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You’ll be surprised at what you can find at budget stores that sell everything for a fixed price. From rugs to vases, you don’t have to spend any more than RM10 for these items. Try and decide on a colour scheme and buy items accordingly. For Raya, popular colours include green and yellow, but you’ll also do well with any bright colours like pink and red. However, don’t pick more than two colours at a time as your deco may look cluttered.

If you’re buying decorative items, stick to ceramic, metal and other natural materials to give your home an air of elegance and refinement.

Recycle Leftover Materials


Remember those ketupat shaped lights and oil lamps sitting in store room? Well, now’s the time to bring them out! Usually, most decorative Raya items can be recycled year after year. You just have to ensure that you pack and store them well. Cover them with paper or place them in a bag away from damp areas so that they last longer.

Go Back to Nature for Decorative Items

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Instead of buying decorative items, use what nature has provided to custom make your own Raya decorative items. Hang up seashells in your hallway, or place smooth pebbles in a clear glass bowl on your dining room. Hang some bright and freshly woven ketupat cases up on your eaves to create a natural and homely Raya atmosphere. You see, there are many ways you can decorate without needing to buy anything.

Repurpose Old Furniture

repurpose furniture

Don’t throw away old or shaky furniture. All you have to do is repaint and use them for another purpose. For example, if you have a rickety wooden chair, sand and repaint it to be used as a side table. Old wooden ladders can be turned into a display board, and a tired looking headboard from your bed can be turned into a spot to hang clothing after you’ve attached a few metal hooks.

Decorating your home for Raya can truly be a fun and enriching experience, especially since you get the chance to be really creative and experiment with different styles and colours. If you would like just a little financial help getting your home ready, especially with the festive seasons coming, why not drop us a linewe’ll be glad to assist!

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