RM0!? 5 Secrets To Get Cheap Flight Ticket Malaysia Edition

RM0!? 5 Secrets To Get Cheap Flight Ticket Malaysia Edition

Everyone would love travelling around the world, experiencing new journey, learning about new culture, window shopping and eating new foods that is bizzare to your tongue. Travelling with your family, partner and friends surely will help you to de-stress and relax, a getaway from work, study or any stressful situation or just simply to have a change of air. All these vacation will surely makes you relax but thinking about the travelling expenses surely will stress you out; especially trying to find a cheap flight ticket.

A flight ticket could cost you an arm and a leg. Taking into consideration all the long hours of delays and unnoticed rescheduling and more which ending up with your travelling being on your sad cold bed to the kitchen only.

Worry not! Today we will share with you on how to travel and get a cheap flight ticket Malaysia edition. It might even only cost you RM 0 fare. Dont forget to save up and share these article for you next vacation plan with your travel partner.

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The first method that you can try out is buying the ticket through Skyscanner. Just like how Trivago is well known for comparing the price between hotel, Skyscanner is well known for comparing the flight fare and giving you the cheapest flight ticket that in the market in real time. It will save you from all the hassle of doing your own survey of comparing flight fares from website to website.

They also offer other services such as helping you find a hotel for your accomodation as long as your dream period of travelling. Rental car service is also provided by Skyscanner that you can use as your transportation to reach to your dream locations. These company have the complete package for your to make your travelling experience hassle free and stress free!

You have the freedom to pick whether you want to book the flight ticket on their website or on Google or to install Skyscanner apps on Apply App Store (Iphone) and Google Play Store (Android). Here we will help guide you in details on how to buy a cheap flight ticket Malaysia using Skyscanner apps.

1. Open the Skyscanner apps and click on ‘flights’

Cheap flight ticket Malaysia

2. Key- in your desired location and destination

If you are undecided on where to travel to, just key- in ‘everywhere’ in the search box.

Cheap flight ticket Malaysia

3. Select “the whole month” button

This button is suitable to those who wants to find a cheap flight ticket but having an undecided location.

Cheap flight ticket Malaysia

4. Select your destination

This application will display a list of destionations including the cheapest flight ticket for the month. Next, simply select your destined destination.

Cheap flight ticket Malaysia

5. Select a date that suits you

For example, your desired location is to travel to Singapore

So, the dates of the flight will appear and listed out from the cheapest flight ticket to the highest price. From there, you can pick the date and compare the price which best suited your budget.

Cheap flight ticket Malaysia

6. Re-check the details and price offered

After you have checked the details, you should click on the ‘choose provider’ button to pick the travel company or agency that offer the lowest price. For example, eDreams, travel agency offers the cheapest price compared to other agencies.

7. Make your payment

Next step will bring you to the website provider and you can make your payment online.


Hopper in other hand is an apps that helps you find the cheapest flight ticket based on your preference. Other than using Skyscanner, lots of traveller also use this apps as an alternative to travel on budget as well as to get a cheap flight ticket.

The price that you can get on this apps starts form RM 0 when they are having a huge promotions. Here we will share with you how to get a cheap flight Malaysia edition using Hopper apps!

1. Open Hopper apps and click ‘flights’

2. Pick your destination

For example, the destination that you wanted to travel to is from Penang to Kuala Lumpur.

3. Pick the date

4. Pick the airlines company that you want

For Instance, we picked Mas Airline

5. Fill in the details and your passport number

If you are a first time use of Hopper, you have to fill in the personal details or the passanger details like name, passport number and many more.

Credit to: Tiktok abharfaiz

6. Check the flight details and make your payment

7. Key-in the booking reference

After you made your payment, you will receive the booking reference. You will use the reference number to key in into your selected airlines company. For example, we selected Mas Airlines, so we have to key- in the booking reference into Mas Airlines apps and done!

Credit to: Tiktok Abharfaiz

Google Flights

If those two apps were not up to your taste, you can also use Google flight as another alternative. Google flights is a search engine service that helps ease flight booking process and find a cheap flight ticket.

In addition to date, if you are set on a desired location but have not decided on when you are planning to go there, Google Flights will suggest the best time to travel to the selected destination on the cheapest price as well as the flight route and the alternative schedule for the location.

Not only that, Google Flights will also help you get a list of tourist attraction on your desired destination. For example, if you are interested to go to Korea but you still have not done your reserach on Korea tourist attraction then Gooogle Flights will give you a list of recommendation.

Despite that, you must always proceed with cautions as the information that is given is simply a collected data and might be innacurate.

Here we have listed out 9 ways on how to get a cheap flights on Google Flights.

  1. Go to Google Flights.
  2. Select your desired destination
  3. If you want to book a two- way flight tickets, you can pick the round trip option.
  4. The flight ticket fare will be displayed alongside the date to make it easy for your to pick the price that suits your budget.
  5. Next, pick the date of the flight that you want
  6. Up next will be the list of flight price from variety of airlines will be on display.
  7. Set the filter on the price section to be on minimum setting.
  8. Pick the date and the airline company that you want
  9. Last but not least, you can go to the airline company website that you want before your make the purchase.

*Note: Only use Google Flights as a guidance and reference for you to buy and find the cheapest flight ticket. The purchase should be done on your desired airlines website.

Air Asia & Mas Airlines apps promotions

Other alternative for you to find a cheap flight ticket to cut on your travel budget is by using the AirAsia & Mas Airline apps. These local airlines are well known and Malaysian’s first choice when it comes to airlines because of their frequent promotions especially on local festivities like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, school holidays and more.

For those who might not know, when it comes to Mas Airlines, the cheap flight tickets are usually sold on Wednesday. As for Air Airasia Airlines, promotion like Air Asia Free Seats that ends on July is one of the promotions that is usually done by this airline company. You also can make your payment via Bigpay to earn and collect more points that you can redeem to buy your next flight tickets with Air Asia.

Mostly people will anticipate the news of cheap flight tickets from these local airlines so you have to stay on your toe to grab the best deal as soon as they launch the new flight ticket promotions as they are often fast-selling due to the high demand.

Purchase In Incognito Mode

Cheap flight ticket Malaysia

You perhaps had heard the rumour that you can get a cheap flight ticket if you make your purchase via incognito mode. Normally, the price of the flight ticket would be cheaper the first time you enter the website if you have visited the webiste before.

This become of of the reason why most experinced traveller use this trick as the airlines company could not manipulate your search history to up- price the flight fare with the incognito mode on.

5 Tips To Buy Cheap Flight Ticket

In this article, we will also share other tips that you can experiment with so that you would not miss the chance to grab the cheap flight ticket everytime you want to go around and about.

1. Clear cache

If you wanted to visit any airlines booking websites like AirAsia or Mas Airlines to do some surveying, you have to make sure that you have cleared your browser cache be it on your phone or laptop.

This is to avoid the price ticket becoming pricier everytime you open the website because the airlines website can track your previous visit on their website. Hence that, always clear your cache browser after you survey the flight ticket on any airlines website.

2. Buy the ticket earlier

Commonly, airlines company like AirAsia will offer you cheaper ticket flights if you make your booking 6 to 12 months earlier than the flying date.

3. Set a reminder for airlines company promotion

You can subscribe to the airlines company like AirAsia and Mas Airline newsletter. You can become one of the earliest people to get an update on deals and flight ticket promotions that will be launch by these companies. In the meantime, you can save the time and plan your vacation ahead.

4. Book your ticket on Tuesday & Wednesday

One of the best days to buy a cheap flight ticket is on Tuesday and Wednesday. Most of these airlines company have a booking system where the details of the flight ticket promotion is decided on Tuesday, 7 PM.

This sytem is made so that the airlines companies know that most of the customer will do their survey and make a booking on weekdays.

5. One way ticket

Making a one way trip purchase is also one of the trick that you can use to get a cheap flight ticket that many did not know. If you buy two way ticket, the airline company will know when you are coming back from the vacation so they will sell the return ticket on a much higher price so that they can get all the benefits. Which is different from buying a one way ticket to return home as well.

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