[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Clear Name From CTOS and CCRIS Record

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Clear Name From CTOS and CCRIS Record

Many thought that with a bad CCRIS and CTOS record, they are unable to apply for financing as they are considered being ‘blacklisted’. So, some of you may want to settle this but unsure of how to clear name from CTOS and CCRIS record. Well, if your credit record is unfavourable, it would also be harder for your loan to be approved especially by commercial banks.

So, what does it mean by a bad or unfavourable credit record? For example, you have existing loans overdue for 3 months and above, listed under ‘Special Attention Account’ (SAA) and legal action has been taken by banks due to non-payment of loans.

Not sure how to improve your credit score? Here are 7 ways to help you clear your CCRIS record. Hope you will find this infographic useful!

7 Ways To Clear Name From CTOS & CCRIS Record


1. Consolidate your debts and set to auto debit

Combine all of your existing debts with debt consolidation so that you can focus on paying one installment. Set your monthly installment to auto debit. This will help you stay disciplined, pay on time and never miss a payment again.

2. Settle your overdue loan amounts first

You need to focus on settling your overdue loan amounts first and make it a priority. This will also help to improve your credit record. Try to make it a habit and reduce unnecessary spending such as spending on your wants. For example, buying expensive coffee, the latest gadgets, branded clothing, and more. Instead its always good to look for cheaper alternatives like making your own coffee or buying preowned items.

3. Earn extra income

Nothing can ever stop you from earning extra income by doing a side hustle. You could earn extra income especially after working hours or during the weekend or whenever you have the time. Make good use of this extra income to help settle your debts.

4. Refinance your credit card debt

You can choose to apply for refinancing. For example, to settle your expensive credit card debt, compare and search for a low interest rate personal loan. In return, this will help you to reduce your overall monthly commitment.

5. Apply for a personal loan to reduce commitments

If you are a civil servant, you can apply for a koperasi personal loan that accepts borrowers with a negative CCRIS or CTOS record. Koperasi personal loan is a great alternative to help you ‘overlap’ or settle your existing debt.

6. Reschedule your loan repayment

In any case, if you feel burdened to pay up your monthly loan repayments, it is advisable to discuss with your respective bank about the option of rescheduling your loan repayment, rather than missing out on them.

7. Always be financially disciplined

Lastly, if you have successfully followed the steps above, don’t forget to be financially disciplined and consistently pay on time. Remember to also check and track your CCRIS record from time to time. Learn how to ‘read’ your CCRIS record in this article on what is CCRIS and CTOS report.

This infographic is prepared by Direct Lending, an online personal lending platform that provides bank and koperasi personal loan. We can help you find, compare and apply personal loan that best suits your financial needs. If you have a bad CCRIS, CTOS record or listed under the SAA and AKPK programme, you can still apply for a koperasi personal loan here at Direct Lending. Check your eligibility for free, no upfront payment or processing fees.

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