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[INFOGRAPHIC] Protect Yourself From These 5 Types of Scams

The number of Macau scam cases have surged especially during the pandemic when individuals are cash-strapped from losing their main source of income. Report states that as of 2020, the Macau scammers have conned Malaysians amounting to RM256 million. And that is only just Macau scam.

In fact, there are many other different types of scams happening out there. Many individuals might think that they would not fall for these scams and end up as a victim. But it is always safe to go the extra mile by taking extra precautions to protect both our money and personal data.

Most of these syndicates are well trained and skilled with the ‘ins and outs’ of fraud. That is why and how most victims fall so easily into their scam trap. It is crucial for us to know the tricks that scammers use so that we can educate ourselves and not become a potential victim. To know more about these scams and precautions steps to take, you can refer to this article the top 5 types of scams in Malaysia.

We hope that this infographic would provide you and your loved ones some exposure on how to be more careful in the future. Always remember, if you are unsure about something, there’s nothing wrong with checking or confirming with the respective party.

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