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5 Tips To Break Fast without Breaking the Bank this Ramadan 2020

As the most sacred month of the year for Muslims, the holy month of Ramadan is approaching soon. It is often said that the Ramadan season is associated with food. This is because, after a whole day of refraining from food and drink, the breaking of fast is a moment that everyone looks forward to. During the first week of Ramadan, many urbanites goes back to their hometown to celebrate Ramadan with their families. Everyone who goes home looks forward to mum’s cooking especially, which is unsurpassed and can’t be found anywhere else.

However, Ramadan celebration this year would be different. The government has extended the Movement Control Order (MCO) until 28 April 2020. The public are also advised not to travel and attend large gatherings. Furthermore, bazaars in Malaysia are cancelled to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus. Many are disappointed and afraid of not being able to celebrate Ramadan like how they are used to. Well, just because you are far apart or unable to see your friends and family, it does not mean that the spirit of Ramadan should die down. Ramadan can still be meaningful.

For those observing the month of Ramadan, do you know that the month of Ramadan is the month where you can save on spending? Here are some tips and strategies that you can adopt despite this challenging situation.

1. Practice Conscious Spending

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Ramadan bazaars are really popular among city folk as it offers a chance to buy dishes that are difficult to find during regular seasons including desserts like Tepung Pelita, Kuih Badak Berendam, the Khatira beverage and more. However, due to the cancellation of bazaars recently, many online bazaars or e-bazaars are trending. Local food vendors are slowly accepting to digitalise their business nature through e-bazaars and online deliveries.

Usually food sold at Ramadan bazaars are generally cheaper as compared to cafes and restaurants. In fact, with just RM10, you could get yourself a hearty meal complete with a cold, sweet drink. One benefit e-bazaar platform is that it allows you to practice conscious buying. Before placing orders and making payments, you can preview your cart beforehand to avoid overspending and overbuying. One useful tip is to set a budget and buy the amount of food that you think you can finish. If there are leftovers, store them in the refrigerator so that you can easily heat it up for Sahur the next morning.

We have launched our very own online bazaar on Direct Lending website. Check out our Platform Jualan Peniaga Tempatan. On other website platforms itself, we have partnered with Bazaar Rakyat as their official finance partner. While on Facebook, there are tons of groups dedicated to online bazaars. Among the few are Bazar Ramadhan & Food Delivery Bangi/Kajang/Serdang/Putrajaya, Bazaar Ramadhan Shah Alam Online Official 2020, Bazaar Ramadhan Online Subang Jaya and more.

2. Cook your Own Berbuka Puasa Meals

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With the ongoing MCO, preparing home cooked meals for ‘breaking fast’ is a good way to save up some money. With the cost of RM100, you might be able to purchase groceries for you and your family which would last about 3 days to a week. Besides, this would also be a good opportunity for you and your family to explore new recipe ideas. Its time to give your mother or grandmother a call for their delicious homemade recipes. Or you could cook something special and give your friends and family a surprise delivery!

3. Plan your Grocery List

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It is also important to plan your grocery list to avoid food wastage from a cost and storage wise. Imagine if you purchase groceries without proper planning, there is a possibility that you might overcook meals because your storage area is full. If you plan to cook at home and try out new recipes, remember to list down what you need. Remember to always buy only what you need. Don’t forget to check on hypermarkets which are always coming up with special deals and promotions during Ramadan.

4. Choose Your Food Choice Wisely

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While it may be tempting to order your favourite ‘kek batik’ or ‘kuih keria’, think of the necessity first. Choose food that would fill up your tummy so that you can last till Sahur. Eat consciously and healthily. If you want to save up and lose weight at the same time, why not try eating overnight oats? They fill up you up and contains lots of fibre in it.

On a side note, if you are really craving for some kuih as desserts, why not try to plan and order them with your neighbours. That way you can have more variety options of your favourite kuihs. As for drinks, make your own. Save while you can and your wallet will thank you for that.

5. Get a Side Hustle

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If you are already saving and you want to save more, why not try finding a side hustle? Apply for some freelance jobs from the comfort of your own home. If you have a creative side, why not try applying for graphic designing jobs on Upwork or Freelancer? It is always good to have a second or third source of income. Here are 7 practical ways to increase your income.

If you are in need of a little bit of cash to cover your Raya expenditures while your pay comes in, you can always consider applying for a personal loan from us. We, at Direct Lending is a personal lending platform which offers bank and koperasi loans with interest rate as low as 3.9% or as fast as 2 working days. Check your eligibility and apply with us for free!

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