6 Great Budget-Friendly DIY Home Deco Ideas for Hari Raya
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6 Great Budget-Friendly DIY Home Deco Ideas for Hari Raya

With Eid Mubarak is just around the corner, the anticipation and excitement of the believers are at peak.

Now its time to  get our ‘revenge’ to go all out with our celebration after 2 years of lock down. Everyone is thinking hard on how to glam up their house for Eid Mubarak celebration, alongside the new traditional outfits that they are going to wear. 

Home is a place you return to for rest and comfort, therefore it is important to ensure that it reflects your persona. When decorating your home, take this opportunity to express yourself and turn it into a one of a kind space that specifically reflects you.

To make your house ‘glow up’ journey easier, here is a list of things that you should keep in mind so that your house will be the house of the year for this Eid Mubarak!

In this article, we would like to share simple ways on how you can decorate your home without needing to dive deep into your pockets by DIY home deco yourself!

The first step is to have a concept or an idea. Start visualising on how you want your house to look like. Inspirations can be from anywhere or anything. Once you have that concept ready, you can add some of these ideas listed below to complete the entire look and feel of your design. Here are some simple ideas to get you started with.

Decorations Checklist For Eid Mubarak

Remember that this checklist works differently according to your budget and house. 

before you start any decorating project at your house, it is importnat to for you to sort out your items. You can try this method below:

The 3 Box Method:

What is the 3 box method?

Box 1 (Keep): For items that you want to keep and use

Box 2 (Throw): For items that is not used and touched for more than 6 months or old

Box 3 (Donate): Since its Ramadhan which is a holy month, you can try donating stuff that you do not need


1. Paint Or Wallpaper

These are up to an individual preference. Today, there are many types of colour and pattern that you can try out such as stripes, dots, abstract, memento and textured. 

If you are planning to put on wallpaper, make sure that the colour and the design compliments your house size and concepts. Get a professional help and consultation but remember to stick to your budget. 


2.  Funiture Arrangement

There are a few method that you can try and apply in your house decorating mission which are ‘the move method’ and ‘the add method’.

Move method is basically moving the funiture from their old position to a new position. For example, before, 2 sitter sofa is on the left, so, you move it to the right or the side table at the side of 3 sitter sofa is moved to the 1 sitter sofa. 

If you have a large livingroom, you should try re-arranging the sofa and the table. Try putting the sofa near wall, to make the corner look more interesting and styled, you can try hanging wall decorations or celebratory decorations. 

Other than that, you can take pictures of the space that you want to decorate and the measurement of the space and head to the local store related to get their opinion on how to decorate and how much will it cost. Make sure to visit as many store as you can to get the best deal and to make sure that the quality of their work is worth the money, if not more. 


diy home decor
Source: Pinterest

3. Lighting 

If you feel like your house is dull, you need to brighten it up with a better lighting.  Nowadays, there are many types of decorative lights that you can find avalailable in stores as well as online based. Most importantly, find light bulb that can help save the electricity. 

You can also hang up festivity decoration lights like fairy lights with Eid Mubarak theme as well as electrical lattern and many more to make your house look merry. 


4. Focus On 2 Space

During Eid Mubarak, these two space is very important, which is the livingroom and the dining room.  That said, it does not mean that you should totally abandoned the other spaces. 

For the living room, in preparatory for the large amout of guest that you will be hosting, you can add more chairs or mat to support the large crowd. 

As for the dining room, make sure that your dining utensils or silverware is complete and enough to be used to feast. 


diy home decor
Source: Buttongirl

5. Magic Deco

For surely, a lot of your funiture are roughen up from the use and time that passed from the first day that you brought it home. Dining table with all the tableware scratches, Sofa that has lost its fluff, teared apart from cat scratches or dog bites. Worry not, there is nothing magic deco cannot fix. 

Table scratches can easily be fixed with table cloth of many designs; be it patterned or plain. You can pick it up to your decorating style and concept that you are going for.  torn out sofa can be fix by placing a sofa throw or wrapping it up with designed sofa wrapper. There is nothing DIY home deco cannot solve.


6. Decoration Accessories

For decoration accessories, you can buy it according to your budgeting. You can try to level up your decorating game buy using display cabinet, wall piece, carpet or rug, flower arrangements or cushion. 

You can bring out your antique silverware and platters that you have tucked away. Arrange them according to the pattern and colours that you want to reflect on the concept of the space that you want to display it in.  For example, modern look, traditional look or themed. 

To further enhace the look, you can try mixing the decorations with fruits decorations or real fruit like berries, plum, grape or flowers and plant to help the space to look more natural and fresh. DIY home deco concept does not only apply to items.

You can also hang up Eid Mubarak greeting card, Eid money envelope, decorative ketupat and cookies. This way, you can better grasp the feel of Eid Mubarak. 

How To Save Money on House Decor- DIY Home Decor


Source: The Star Online

Visit the Dollar Store

You will be surprised at what you can find at budget stores like MR.DIY or Daiso sell everything for a low or fixed price. From rugs to vases, you do not have to spend more than RM10 for these items. Follow your chosen desired colour scheme and purchase the items accordingly. You can also turn this item and make it your own exclusive decorative pieces by glueing them together and DIY home deco the item yourself. 

For Raya, popular colour options include green and yellow, but it will also do well with bright colours like pink and red. However, do not pick more than two colours at a time as your decoration then may look cluttered. If you are planning to buy decorative items, stick to ceramic, metal and other natural materials to give your home an air of elegance and refinement.


Source: Pinterest

Recycle Leftover Materials

Remember those ‘ketupat’ shaped lights and oil lamps sitting in the store room? Well, now is the time to bring them out! Usually, most decorative Raya items can be recycled year after year. You just have to ensure that you pack and store them well. Cover them with paper or place them in a bag away from damp areas so that they last longer.

You can also cloth patches and sew them all together to create a blanket as well as turning it into a sofa throw or wrapping. 

You can also use unused beads as decorative pieces if you sew or arrange them. Same goes to old wooden funiture. You can cut them up and turn it into a hanging piece or wall decor.

It is all up to your creativity to work and be open with the old item and repurpose them which one of the perk of DIY home deco. The sky is the limit!


Source: Pinterest

Repurpose Old Furniture

Do not throw away old or shaky furniture. All you have to do is repaint and use them for another purpose. For example, if you have a rickety wooden chair, sand and repaint it to be used as a side table.

Old wooden ladders can be turned into a display board and a tired-looking headboard from your bed can be turned into a spot to hang clothing after you have attached a few metal hooks. Decorating your home for Raya can truly be a fun and enriching experience, especially since you get the chance to be creative and experiment with different styles and colours and DIY home deco accordingly.


Re-use Your Biscuit Jar

Do not throw away your old jar! Turn them into a new piece buy hot-gluing decorations like ribbon or beads and painting the jar. You can also add some spice to it by taping it up with japanese tape, also known as washi tape as it comes in various kind of pattern and design that you surely can play aroud with in your DIY home deco project. 


Create Paintings

Rather than buying art pieces from galleries, frame up your handmade arts and craft! You can also hang up framed artwork done by your children. Whether they are just watercolour or paper origami, personal touches like this can transform a space and give it more character. You may want to look up for inspiration on Pinterest for more ideas. Turn Raya decorating sessions into family DIY home deco projects and get crafting with your kids and even your elders.


natural deco
Source: Pinterest

Go Back to Nature for Decorative Items

Instead of buying decorative items, use what nature has provided to custom make your own Raya decorative items. Hang up seashells in your hallway or place smooth pebbles in a clear glass bowl on your dining room. Hang some bright and freshly woven ‘ketupat’ cases up on your eaves to create a natural and homely Raya atmosphere. You see, sometimes there are many ways you can decorate without needing to buy anything.


Curtain as a photobooth background

Other than to block the sunlights and work as one of the decorative piece, curtain can also be used as the background for your photobooth corner. 

Avoid unnecessary wastage by recycling and re-use your old curtain instead of buying a new one. Make it an attetion piece by sticking on some Eid Mubarak themed decor and ta-da! You got yourself a makeshift photobooth for Eid Mubarak! It is as easy as that to DIY your own home deco.



It is not impossible to have give your house a new and fresh look for Eid Mubarak without spending a dime for it. All you need is Mr Google and a bit of creativity to bring it all to life. By DIY home deco the plan yourself, you will get to save more money. 

Decoration is important to bring up the festivity vibe, but what more important is the time and food that you share with your beloved family during Eid Mubarak. 

This year with the exception given by the government to gather and celebrate Eid Mubarak together after two years of isolation, we hope that you have a great time with your family. 

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(This article was originally published on the 9th June 2017 and updated on the 5th October 2022).

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