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7 Tips for Last-minute Vacation Plans on a Budget

With school holidays coming soon, you might be looking forward to a special holiday with your friends or family. But is it possible to have an exciting and memorable holiday on a small budget? Yes it is!

Here are 7 tips to help you vacation well, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend:

Plan and budget your trip 

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Start planning your holiday as soon as possible. You can still find last minute deals on AirAsia Go and lastminute.com that could range from 10% to 30% off for accommodation, transportation and dining. But, it can be a risky move and tricky to coordinate between transportation, accommodation and personal schedules, hence, it is good to budget your trip as well.

Choose alternative destinations

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Instead of heading to the usual pricey, tourist-packed spots, consider other cheaper family-friendly destinations. For an overseas trip, try places like Ko Lanta, Thailand (that has a large Muslim community) or Siem Reap, Cambodia.

For local travels, take a road trip to places like Malacca, Penang, Cameron Highlands or Bukit Tinggi. Road tripping within Malaysia can be a lot cheaper as you won’t have to pay for flights or endure any foreign exchange rates.

Take advantage of discounts

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Look out for special promos on travel booking websites like Traveloka. Look out for the best travel promotions and discounts for your vacation. Websites like Cuti.my is a fantastic resource for holiday promos and tour packages that are reasonably priced.

Consider a group vacation

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Ask your extended family to join the holiday and save money by splitting the cost of accommodation, meals and if driving to your destination, petrol and toll cost as well. Also, if you are booking accommodation and transportation for a big group, do not hesitate to negotiate for better rates.

Choose cheaper lodgings

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Opt for apartments rather than single hotel rooms to save more money as these are often much cheaper than hotels or resorts. However, don’t avoid hotels completely either, as competitive deals are also possible, especially during off-peak periods or if you are a member of any loyalty programmes.

Cook your own meals

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You may not want to cook and clean during your vacation. But, preparing just one or two vacation dishes instead of eating out for every meal will save you money. Alternatively, log on to a food app like PlateCulture to experience home-cooked meals while on holiday or download the Eatigo app to make reservations and find good restaurant discounts.

Travel during off-peak seasons


Alternatively, plan your vacation around the off peak periods i.e. right before or after school holidays and festive seasons can save you quite a bit on attractions, accommodations and transportation. When travelling during off-peak seasons, don’t forget to negotiate or ask for upgrades wherever possible. For instance, if staying in a hotel, check if you can enjoy a late checkout or a room upgrade.

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