What To Do During Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia?

Ever wonder what are you planning to do at home while the Malaysian government has implemented ‘Movement Control Order’ (MCO) from the 18th March – 31st March 2020? (Update: MCO has been extended to 12th May 2020). 

First thing first, don’t panic! This is a Movement Control Order and not a Lockdown. You should understand the differences first.

As a starting point, list and plan out your grocery list. Make sure that you only purchase the basic necessities that you will need. Some of them includes non-perishable food items like dry or canned food like rice, cereal and bread. Food options like instant noodles or pasta could also be an alternative. Preparing basic medical supplies for flu, fever, cough and vitamins is also encouraged.

Cleaning and hygiene supplies are equally as important. This includes antibacterial soap to wash your hands and body. It is best to wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds and use a hand sanitizer after. Moreover, disinfectants are also important in order to keep the surfaces clean.

Overall, planning is important to prevent panic buying. This is because the food supply is sufficient, as assured by our Prime Minister. You can still go out to purchase your daily necessities even during the Movement Control Order. Plus, overbuying is wasteful as some food items are perishable. Panic buying would cause a shortage of goods in the market which in return would increase the price of goods.

Now that you have all the basic necessities that you need for this coming two weeks, let us share some ideas and tips on how you spend your time and stay productive at home. Here are some suggestions on what you can try out.

1. Pick Up a New Skill

Source: Yanalya

The best resource that is available to you during this period is the Internet. Make full use of it. Browse the net for some easy pick-me-up skills that you can easily master during this short period. Start looking up on YouTube and Pinterest for more inspirations.

Or you also choose to sharpen your existing skills. For instance, since you are spending a lot of time at home, it would be useful to learn a new language!

2. Stay Hydrated & Active

Source: Bnbb  

It is important to sweat it out. Exercising helps to build up and strengthen our immune system. There are tons of exercises that you can look up online. From floor mat exercises to HIIT cardio workout, the list is endless. Jump rope is an easy way to burn calories if you incorporate it with high-intensity training exercises like pushups, plank, squats, etc.

3. Build Your Online Life

Source: Pressfoto

Who says that you will not have a life during this 2 weeks? Stay connected with your friends and family via social apps. If you have that project to discuss with your colleagues, use Google Hangout.

Miss hanging out with your friends? Spend some time together through a game on PlayStation or if it is just to chat and catch up, you can always video call them on Whatsapp or WeChat. There is no distance when it comes to technology.

4. Bond with Your Family

Source: Tirachardz

Be it with your spouse or kids, this is the time for you to bond and spend time with them. Don’t feel down because of this Movement Control Order. Instead, try out some fun activities together. We understand that it would be stressful for some parents with younger children but fret not, here are some resources that you can utilise. Educational platforms for children like BrainPop, Curiousity Stream, Tynker, etc. provide useful content.

Besides that, you can also incorporate other fun activities with your children at home. It could be a list of books to read or some appropriate shows on Netflix.

We hope that these ideas and tips would help you and your family to feel less stressed about the current situation. We would like to remind everyone to be calm, stay safe & practice good hygiene habits. Also, don’t forget to obey the Movement Order Control fully.

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